enjoylife massage gun 5.0 pro



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We do our best to ensure all of our customers enjoy a happy shopping experience with EnjoyLife © Massage Devices.
However, occasionally you may need to return an item.

Read our return policy : Complains about delivery have to be issued in 3 days after receiving the product.
If the item is damaged, you need to send us photograpic proof that the item was broken or faulty, sent in an email at service@enjoylifemassage.com

We have a 30 day returns policy – this means when your item arrives and it is not as described, you can return the item to us in undisputed condition and in undamaged/original packaging.  Orders you place on our website can be returned after receiving the product.   
Do not refuse your delivery, as it will increase the transport cost on decision of the carrier.  These increased costs have to be paid by the customer. For this reason, please keep in mind you can only return a product after accepting delivery. This way, your right to return / cancel your order starts when the massage gun arrives, meaning you have the full 30 days of trial.  



enjoylife massage gun 5.0 pro

You have 30 days to return your product.  If you like to use your right to return the product, please return the product in undisputed condition and in the original package.  When returning your product, attach a printout of your confirmation email to the packaging. Don’t send your package to the sender, we will give you the address of the return office. 


Once your product has arrived at the return service, your product will be checked. You will be notified whether or not it is accepted. This decision depends on the condition of the product. If the product arrives damaged / soiled / incomplete, a partial refund will be given. If you have returned the product as new, you will receive a full refund. Once the product is accepted, the refund will be processed. This refund comes back in the same way as you paid while ordering.  Did you pay with Paypal, we refund on your Paypal. Did you pay with credit card, we will refund you on your credit card balance.


If you have not seen a refund, first verify your bank account or balance of the payment method you used when ordering. Contact your credit card contact, sometimes it takes a few days before the amount is credited back to your balance. If you do not notice the refund, please contact us by email.  


enjoylife massage gun 5.0 pro

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