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EnjoyLife© is known worldwide for developing the high-quality Massage Gun. The development of their products is unique. This EnjoyLife Vibrating Foam Roller has 4 speed levels  and is equipped with 3 different foam layers: hard in the core, medium hard in the middle and soft on the outside. This technology ensures exceptional ease of use in all circumstances.
The Foam Roller ensures the best results. Enjoy the fastest warm-up, activation and recovery when using this technological marvel.

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EnjoyLife Vibrating Foam Roller  :   advantages

  • Optimal foam roller for self massage en myofascial relaxation
  • Improves your flexibility and blood circulation
  • Releases pain
  • Lots of physiologic afdvantages
  • The vibration technology of EnjoyLife in combination ith our high technological foam quality will work deeper into yoru muscles.
  • This foam roller is three times more effective than other brands

The EnjoyLife digital technology

    • 4 vibration frequentees: 30, 55, 75 en 98 Hz
    • These 4 settings allow the device to go deeper into your muscles
    • This is the most powerful vibrating roller 
    • The high quality device gives you a efficient result by it’s precious kind of vibration, in low power and in high power
    • Inclusive 2 years of warrantee

EnjoyLife polypropylene technology

  • 3  different foam layers create a maximum comfort and high-end results
  • Hard polypropylene in the core to protect the unit and to deliver you a high-end amplitude
  • Middle hard polypropylene in the middle to absorb schocks and pressure 
  • Soft and climate friendly polypropylene on the exterior for a comfortable feeling of use 
  • This technology gives you an flexibility improvement of  60%  (other foam rollers give you only 40% imprpovement ) 
  • When you use high pressure, this device keeps it’s shape and quality



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EnjoyLife  Vibrating Foam Roller  :  ease of Use

  • Switch between 4 different intentions
  • The advanced EnjoyFoam technology offers you a massage with high results in a short time
  • 30 tot 98 Hz for the best results



The EnjoyFoam Vibrating Foam Roller is developed to 

  • give you an amazing massage experience
  • ease of use
  • with the goal to make you move better 



  • EnjoyLife © Massage Foam is equipped with 4 unique and strong batteries of 2200 mAh
  • The autonomy of this battery set is up to 8 hours
  • You can enjoy every charge for a long time. The device does not need to be charged every day
  • This also ensures a longer lifespan


De EnjoyLife © MassageFoam Technology

Input : 100~240V 

Voltage : 7.4V DC
Type : Li-ion
Capacity : 8800m Ah
Time of use : tot 8 uren

Intentions : 30 – 55 – 75 – 98 
Weight : 1.2 kg
Dimensions : 15 x 30 cm

1 Massage Gun Package contains :
√   1 Massage Foam
√   4 Li-ion Batteries
√   1 charger with cable
√   1 Manual

Shipment from Germany

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