What is the status of EnjoyLife on the market ? 

In the 5 years we are offering a top-end massage gun, we are proud of our exceptional quality.  Visit www.massageguns.website for an analytic review of our products. 

What is the delivery time ? 

We dispatch all orders from Monday to Friday, always in the morning.  When you place your order on Monday, we dispatch it on Tuesday morning. When you place your order on Friday, we dispatch it on Monday morning.

We maintain a 2 days delivery from DHL, but we see differences in the last month. Shipments are subject to a span of 2 to 4 days, that is because DHL can transfer your shipment to the local post company.  If your shipment does not arrive in the 4 days, please do not worry. We ask your understanding, once your order leaves our warehouse, we are subject to the transport company. 

What is covered by the 2 year warranty ?

EnjoyLife© handles a 2 year warranty. If your massage gun breaks in this period, we will ask you firstly to send us a video where we can see the issue. From there, we ask you to return the product. Our technical team will inspect the product and we will assist you. Please do understand that the warranty only covers the product, only if you use it according to our guidelines. 

How much noise is the EnjoyLife producing ?

The EnjoyLife is equipped with the strongest motor on the market, meaning it doesn’t have to work hard. This in association with the Quite Glide Technology produces a noise of only 35 dB which makes it the most silent massage gun on the market. 

What is the weight ?

We have 3 versions : The Runner is 750 grams. The EnjoyLife 2.3 is 1200 grams, while the EnjoyLife 5.0 Pro is 1500 grams. All these weights are battery included.  You cannot find a lighter massage gun for a good quality.enjoylife massage gun 5.0 pro

FAQ  :  What is in the package ?

The EnjoyLife Runner comes in a tissue case with 4 massage heads and a USB charging cable. 
The EnjoyLife 2.4 and 6.0 Pro come both in a strong aluminium case, with 6 heads and a complete charger.

How can I get in contact ?

Where are you located ? 

Our main warehouse is located in Germany.  Because our shipments are European, you don’t have to worry about taxes or other extra’s. Be relaxed, we do all the work for you. 


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