I used to swim in competition since I was a boy of 7 years old. At young age, was swimming on national level and been winning lots of trophies. But it didn’t stop there. I started to play waterpolo very young and I played that hard sport for more than 15 years. 

When I had more freetime, I was practicing squash, mountain-biking, jogging, mountain-boarding. I never had enough, so I started to do thai boxing as well. 

In 2010, I fell hard on my left shoulder, which at first sight seemed to be an innocent accident. However, 5 years later, in 2015 I was not able to swim anymore because of too much pain in that shoulder, I even couldn’t move my arm anymore.  After seeing the doctor, I had to go to hospital for surgery. The doctor had to fix the entire shoulder, and doctors gave me 1 year to recover. In that moment, no one was speaking about massage guns. 


So then, the internet story starts 2016.enjoylife massage gun the quality

During start-up, we were offering fitness equipment for home. Different companies started contacting us, asking to promote their products in our webshop. However we were critical about every offer we got. Our aim is to offer you high quality products, so we were picky to suppliers.


In february of 2019, I got to know the massage gun, also known as the percussive massager. I realised the importance of the tool, and I felt pitty I didn’t know it before. Asking myself the question why some brands are very expensive, and are actually not offering a customer service or quality. I could not believe my eyes.

I made myself a promise. I would offer a better Massage Gun at a better price. I started to talk to suppliers. 

So here we are. Maintaining the same policy as we used before, we offer quality products of trustful suppliers : Offering quality, combined with an excellent customer service. At a fair price. The EnjoyLife© Massage Gun is not a knock-of. EnjoyLife© is an improvement of the foundation brands, with stronger motor and better battery, better charger. Using the EnjoyLife©, you have a high-end massage gun that gives you amazing results !  We our proud of our product, and we are proud to have you as a customer. 


Do you have a remark about a product on our webshop, contact us immediately. We are scoring a high customer satisfaction and we intend to keep it that way. We are here to help you whenever necessary. 


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